What We Do

mHealth, or mobile health technology, is reshaping the healthcare landscape, offering promising prospects for cost reduction, improved patient outcomes, and enhanced overall health. This transformative field encompasses a wide spectrum of services, ranging from simple text message reminders for medical appointments and medication adherence to comprehensive solutions addressing weight management, mental health improvement, and the promotion of healthier lifestyles.

The evolving landscape of mHealth leverages established technologies like text messaging and mobile apps, combined with dynamic business intelligence, to target various healthcare aspects. These encompass managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, providing preventive care alerts, facilitating telemedicine and remote monitoring, capturing patient data, maintaining electronic health records, and even extending its reach to the realms of fitness and wellness.

At mobileHealthWorks, we continually push our boundaries, drawing upon our extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise to deliver proven and innovative solutions for healthcare information access and medication adherence enhancement. Our solutions are anchored in a robust platform driven by artificial intelligence and business intelligence. Information collected during patient interactions, along with contextual factors, are harnessed within an advanced analytics engine that tailors messages to individual patients.

Our solutions boast cross-platform compatibility, ensuring accessibility across all operating systems and the ability to deliver localized messages in over 200 countries. We accommodate both smartphones and feature phones, strictly adhere to stringent security and privacy protocols, comply with local regulations, and seamlessly integrate into diverse client environments.