What We Do

Commonly known as mHealth, mobile health technology is transforming healthcare, presenting opportunities to lower costs, improve patient outcomes and increase patient health. From simple text messaging to mobile apps, mHealth services range from reminding mobile phone users with medical appointments and drug usage to helping them lose weight, improve mental health and have a healthy lifestyle. Emerging health solutions build on existing text messaging technology, mobile apps and dynamic business intelligence to target chronic conditions like diabetes, preventive care alerts, telemedicine and remote monitoring, patient data capture, electronic records and the parallel industries of fitness and wellness.

At mobileHealthWorks we are constantly challenging ourselves, building on our industry knowledge and technical expertise to deliver proven and innovative solutions to access healthcare information and increase medication adherence. All our solutions are underpinned by our platform driven by artificial intelligence and business intelligence. Information captured during the course of interaction with the patient and other contextual factors are combined in an analytics engine which then personalises messages to individual patients. Our solutions can work across all operating platforms to provide localized messages (i.e. language diactrics) in over 200 countries, be designed so that both smartphones and feature phones can be accommodated for, comply with the stringiest security and privacy policies, adhere to local regulations and can be integrated into any client environment.