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AI puts Intelligence into Medication Reminders

AI puts Intelligence into Medication Reminders

We understand the importance of medication adherence in healthcare, and with Synegys’ AI-powered platform, we have developed a text messaging solution that leverages AI to improve adherence rates. Our solution uses AI in several key ways to send reminders only when necessary, understand natural language, automatically generate responses, and personalize messages based on a patient’s preferences and past interactions.

One of the key advantages of our AI-driven text messaging solution is that it only sends reminders when it is necessary. This is achieved by using machine learning algorithms to predict when a patient is most likely to forget to take their medication. For example, if a patient has a history of missing their medication at night, the system will send a reminder in the evening. This helps to avoid overwhelming patients with unnecessary reminders and improves the effectiveness of the reminders.

Our solution also uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand the content of text messages and extract relevant information. This enables the system to respond to patients in a more natural and intuitive way. For example, if a patient texts “I forgot to take my medication this morning,” the system will understand the request and send a reminder for the next dose period for the patient to take their medication.

Another key feature of our solution is the ability to automatically generate responses based on the content of the message and the context of the conversation. This helps to save time and improve efficiency by eliminating the need for manual responses. For example, if a patient texts “What time should I take my medication?” the system will automatically generate a response with the appropriate time based on the patient’s medication schedule.

Finally, our solution personalizes messages based on a patient’s preferences and past interactions. For example, if a patient prefers to receive reminders in the morning, the system will send reminders at that time. This helps to increase the effectiveness of the reminders and improves the patient’s experience.

Our experience shows that these AI-driven reminders improve medication adherence by 68% as compared to normal 2-way text messaging (where there is a reminder and reply) of 23% and 1-way text messaging (where there is only a reminder only text sent) of 4%. This is a significant improvement and can have a major impact on patient outcomes.

Improve medication adherence in your trials / studies by using our AI-based text messaging solution. Contact us to schedule a demo of our solution.